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Smoke Detector Testing & Maintenance
I suggest replacing smoke detectors at least every 5 to 7 years, as their sensors will usually begin failing after that period (even though their alarms will continue to sound when their test buttons are pressed).
  Smoke detectors may be periodically checked for response to actual smoke by homeowners. (Try using a short candle at the bottom of a tall glass jar. The candle will tend to produce a lot of smoke due to lack of oxygen, and the jar will keep hot wax off hands and carpeting. However, if such testing is done too frequently, the smoke may prematurely coat the sensors with a film that could block their sensitivity.)
  I also suggest the installation of carbon monoxide detectors to protect all sleeping areas whenever combustion appliances are present in the home.

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Seller Advantage Inspections

"Peace of mind" ... increases your bottom line"


What is this type of inspection?

  • It's an inspection performed before or when a home is first put on the market ... before buyers see it.

  • It provides a level of comfort to prospective buyers through honest, upfront disclosure.

  • It's everything a buyer would hope to know about a house.

Benefits to the Seller:

  • Helps buyers feel immediately more comfortable with the property.

  • Increases the buyer’s perceived value of the home.

  • Gives sellers the opportunity to eliminate certain defects before needing to disclose them to prospective buyers.

  • Allows time to make any necessary repairs in order to more effectively market the home in the most positive light.

  • Reduces the likelihood that buyers will hire their own inspectors.

  • Reduces the likelihood of costly surprises being found by a buyer’s inspector after the sellers thought they had a firm offer.

  • Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining renegotiations.

  • Increases the likelihood that offers will turn into closings.

  • Reduces the buyer’s negotiating leverage regarding existing property conditions.

  • Helps sellers honestly disclose everything about their home, reducing liability for disclosure.

  • Reduces chances of being sued by unhappy buyers.