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Smoke Detector Testing & Maintenance
I suggest replacing smoke detectors at least every 5 to 7 years, as their sensors will usually begin failing after that period (even though their alarms will continue to sound when their test buttons are pressed).
  Smoke detectors may be periodically checked for response to actual smoke by homeowners. (Try using a short candle at the bottom of a tall glass jar. The candle will tend to produce a lot of smoke due to lack of oxygen, and the jar will keep hot wax off hands and carpeting. However, if such testing is done too frequently, the smoke may prematurely coat the sensors with a film that could block their sensitivity.)
  I also suggest the installation of carbon monoxide detectors to protect all sleeping areas whenever combustion appliances are present in the home.

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........Didnt know what to expect. I was so impressed. I really appreciate getting all the information that AAD provided. I was dreading it, and it turned out to be one of nicest parts of the buying process.

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Home CheckUp
Home CheckUp

Your family members get regular checkups, right?
Why not your house, as well?

You already know a lot about your house ...

Because you're living in your house, you already know which
windows and doors are working correctly. You also know whether
your major plumbing fixtures and some of your major appliances
are performing okay.


... but what you DON'T know could hurt you.


You probably don't go into your crawl spaces or attics, onto
your roof, or get into your electrical panels, do you? And then
you might not know exactly what to look for if you did.


How about your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) system?
Do you know what to look for regarding possible problems?

Do you know exactly how your exterior grading and drainage are
affecting your crawl spaces?


We can help you keep your home healthy!

We've been helping homeowners learn more about their homes for
over 16 years ... serving more than 7,000 good people like you who
keep telling us that they'd recommend us to anyone ... especially their
friends, neighbors, and families.


We now offer Home CheckUp inspections.

We've developed a menu of special services for people who already
own their own homes and just want to make sure that everything
is still okay.


Don't risk expensive surprises.

Not knowing about some types of problems can cost you $1,000's.
Certain problems can even threaten the health of your family.
Every week we inspect homes for prospective buyers that have
suddenly become very difficult to sell because of significant
previously undiscovered issues.


We offer the following
Stand-alone inspections:


Stand-alone Electrical Panels Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone Plumbing Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone Roof Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone Attic Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone Crawl Space Inspection -- $125
Stand-alone Exterior Grading & Drainage Inspection -- $125

Combine your Inspections and Save Money.

Any TWO of the stand-alone inspections, only $145
Any THREE of the stand-alone inspections, only $165
Any FOUR of the stand-alone inspections, only $180

Get ALL SEVEN of the stand-alone inspections, only $195.

(Click here to view our Home CheckUp report form.)

Save even more.

If you can schedule your Home CheckUp inspection while our inspectors
are in your neighborhood, we can reduce the above fees even more.

Watch for our neighborhood specials or give us a call.

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Let us help reduce your risks

and deliver peace of mind.